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CNL is committed to listening to, learning from and being accountable to the people and communities in which we work and live.  

We recognize our duty to recognize past wrongs and move forward with Indigenous communities in a meaningful way that promotes understanding. As an organization, we are working hard to achieve this, which includes building relationships with First Nation and Métis communities, and other Indigenous Peoples around our sites, including Chalk River Laboratories, which is home to the site of the proposed NSDF.  

We recognize that this takes time, and we are committed to doing this the right way. 


CNL has an ongoing Public Information Program to generate dialogue about activities at CNL-managed sites and the potential effects of these activities on the public, Indigenous Peoples and on the environment.  

We use a variety of communication products and do outreach activities are used to ensure that Indigenous Peoples, local communities and members of the public have up-to-date and relevant information about the proposal to construct the NSDF. As part of our public engagement efforts, CNL has conducted more than 25 public information sessions, 50 presentations and site tours, 15 community events and 21 webinars related to Indigenous and stakeholder interests on the NSDF Project.   

Although ongoing public health restrictions have prevented in-person gatherings over the last couple years, we have increased our online engagement and look forward to connecting with people face-to-face again soon.  


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